Welcome 11 Dollar as a First Time Boulder Startup Week Sponsor!

At Boulder Startup Week, one of our favorite things to do is to share our love of Boulder with companies that move to our beloved hometown.  Sometimes, that results in instant friendships and collaborations.  That is definitely the case with 11 Dollar Bill, who is our video production sponsor this year.  Thanks for your support, 11 Dollar Bill!

BSW17 crew and video clients crash 11 Dollar Bill Managing Director Lisa Effress’ birthday party!

11 Dollar Bill is an award-winning, full service production company that was started in Chicago over 17 years ago by co-founders John Polk and Christian Robins.  They’ve been working with companies large and small over the years and, when they were looking at a second home for their business, they chose Boulder.  Really, who can blame them?

According to Chris, 11 Dollar Bill seems to have filled a long unmet demand in Boulder for production services, as their production crews are going at full speed and they are already outgrowing their current space in downtown just off of the Pearl Street Mall.  With strong ties to the post production team in Chicago, they can put together modular project teams to meet the needs of any client, which include Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies worldwide.  They take on a variety of projects, including commercials, promo spots, and marketing videos for multiple distribution channels.  

Recently, the 11 Dollar Bill organized video shoots for all of the BSW17 sponsors who wanted to take part in this sponsor benefit, so many of our sponsors got to experience first hand their professionalism and expertise.  Crews from 11 Dollar Bill will be out and about the various events at BSW17 to capture the essence of what it’s really like to experience the entrepreneurial love fest that is Boulder Startup Week.  They will also be hosting an epic party on their rooftop deck during the Startup Crawl on Tuesday night.  We can’t wait to see how all of the videos turn out!

We think 11 Dollar Bill exemplifies the “Give First” and community-centric spirit that is the heart of Boulder Startup Week, and we’re so glad to have you as a partner.  Welcome to Boulder, 11 Dollar Bill, and we look forward to lots more collaborations with you in the future!

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