Welcome Google as a Boulder Startup Week Sponsor!

We all know Google (or should we call it Alphabet?) makes a big splash wherever they go ­­this year, they are making their debut splash at Boulder Startup Week. Welcome Google as a sponsor of Boulder Startup Week 2016!

Google has actually been in town since they acquired @Last Software in 2006, and they are further increasing their presence in the city, breaking ground last August for a brand new 330,000­ square foot building for 1500 employees to be opened in early 2017. Google characterizes their Boulder office as their “engineering hub,” where folks are working on products like Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Now, and Payments. Their current office already includes an onsite garden, a deck with mountain views, and a two-­story indoor climbing wall. We hope they’ll give us a peek at their new offices when they open!

Sponsors like Google help us keep Boulder Startup Week a free 5­day celebration of all things Boulder and startups, open to the entire community. Thanks Google for sponsoring BSW2016!




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