Robotics Track: What to expect

We invite you all to the exciting Robotics Track at this year’s Boulder Startup Week, May 13-17. Together with the Colorado Robotics community group (hosts of Boulder is for Robots), we’re ready to prove why… well, why Boulder is for Robots! 

This is only the track’s third year running at BSW, but in that short time, the robotics startup scene has grown at an unprecedented pace. The Front Range is now a top contender for new robotics ventures in the US. We have raised new founders, new ideas, and new technology, and have created a community that brings out our best. 

This year’s track puts that community front and center. We’ll immerse you in the technology that makes companies like CANVAS run; we’ll steel you against the mental anguish that is manufacturing hardware and robotics products; we’ll show you how to get that first (or next) round of funding for your big idea. Marketing for robots, data management, contract management, design… it’s all happening at this year’s track. We’ll also be having a Robotics Happy Hour sponsored by Colorado Robotics, getting to know each other outside of the regular 9-5.

Community is one of Boulder robotics’ strongest assets, and we’d love nothing more than to make that community bigger, better, and more diverse. If you want to learn about what it takes to start a robotics-focused company in the Front Range, or are just ready to see what robotics is all about, then come join us!

Check out the Robotics Track list of events here!

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