Welcome Terrapin as a Boulder Startup Week Sponsor!

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Not all Startup Week franchises can boast an event track specifically dedicated to the discussion of issues related to marijuana businesses. That’s why we’re so thankful to Terrapin Care Station for making this track happen at Boulder Startup Week 2016!


Terrapin Care Station has been a pioneer among Colorado cannabis businesses since it became one of the first licensed medical marijuana centers in the state in 2010. In 2014, Terrapin Care Station became the first marijuana dispensary to open within the Boulder city limits (Some of us still think of their Folsom Street location as the former home of Dunkin’ Donuts) then in Aurora soon thereafter. Here’s a short video introducing the various business initiatives ongoing at Terrapin Care Station:

With one medical marijuana dispensary and three recreational locations in the Denver metro area, Terrapin Care Station continues to promote responsible use and sensible regulation of cannabis products. They are the winner of the CannAward for Best Eco­Friendly Initiative for 2015, as well as Best of the Rockies 2016 by Elevation Outdoors. Offering innovative and strictly quality-controlled products, as well as lobbying for critical cannabis policies in areas such as banking, investment, and tax reform, Terrapin Care Station continues to be a leader in the cannabis industry.


Terrapin Care Station is deeply committed to the community and donates over $50,000 to non-profit organizations in Boulder. We feel so fortunate to be a beneficiary of their generosity. Thank you Terrapin Care Station for being a Boulder Startup Week 2016 sponsor!


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