Pitch Competition 2024

2024 Pitch Competition at BSW

Prize Money to be announced soon!

Thursday, May 16th
6 – 8pm
Founder Central

2000 Central Ave, Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80301

Welcome to the BSW 2024 Pitch Competition! Our goal is to provide a place for founders to pitch their startup, gain exposure for their company, and compete for a cash prize to help accelerate the company’s growth! The prize is non-dilutive but must be used towards the business.

50 startups will make the first round of qualification and 6 finalists will be chosen by our panel of 3 judges to pitch their startup at a live event in front of the BSW community on May 16th! Non-finalists will still have the opportunity to showcase their startup at BSW prior to the pitch event.


The deadline for submissions is Monday, April 22nd.

Entry Criteria:

Your startup is either pre-funding or have raised a maximum of $150k in angel investments or $250k in grants. Must be in-person for live Pitch Competition.

Pitch Deck:

Pitch must have the following slides (additional slides are allowed). You may order them however you’d like.

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Business model (how you will make money)
  • Competition
  • 5 year projection
  • Use of funds from this competition
  • Timeline (work-to-date, funding, roadmap)
  • Team


  • 0-4 text bullets per slide
  • Each bullet = one simplified statement (about 6 words)


Must be limited to 15 slides MAXIMUM.
Presentation time at the event will be limited to 7 MINUTES.

Pitch judges may eliminate entries based on deck requirement fulfillment.


April 19th: Deadline for Entries
April 26th: Notice to Entrants of first round selection
April 26nd – May 7th: Judging and finalist section process
May 8th: Finalists Notified
May 16th: Live Pitch Competition Event at Boulder Startup Week