Leadership Lessons Track—What to expect from BSW 2018

Who (is putting these events on)

Led by Julian Ramlal and Cristin Leimer, planning for the Leadership Lessons track for Boulder Startup Week 2018 is well underway. With a focus on learning from the lessons taught through startup wins and failures, these events will be profound. After losing his $60-million company and his co-founder, Sam Tarantino with Kristin Darga will focus on debunking the fear of failure. Patty Beach will teach the tactics to move a group to make a solid decision forward instead of being divided and stalled. A panel of startup experts will work through live Worst-Case Startup Scenarios. Founders will tell authentic stories of the highs and lows of their journeys. And more.

Thank you to Zayo for sponsoring the Leadership Lessons Track!


You can expect to laugh, to cry, and to learn at these events. Some of the learning is through hearing experiences. Some of the learning is through teaching proven tactics. Either way, you can expect to hear about:
– failure
– overcoming
– strategy
– connection

See a full listing of the Leadership Lessons sessions

Who (should attend)

Anyone who wants to learn what to avoid, how to do it successfully, gain an understanding, or just gain some valuable skills; anyone can find something valuable in the Leadership Lessons track. Whether you know someone working at a startup or you are living the startup life, you can learn from Leadership Lessons.

Join us for a week of valuable insights from the experts.

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