Welcome Sage Law Group as First Time Boulder Startup Week Sponsor

We are excited to announce Sage Law Group, first time sponsors of Boulder Startup Week!

Whether you’re a founder putting ideas into motion, an investor helping companies jump from one stage to another, or an executive growing the firm on behalf of shareholders and employees, Sage Law Group will guide you as a steady partner.

At the heart of Sage Law Group’s philosophy is the belief that transactional and corporate attorneys are trusted advisors who provide perspective, knowledge, and opinions.

Taking a practical and thorough approach to venture capital financings, private placements, public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, Sage Law Group’s high-powered attorneys have extensive experience in private practice at national law firms and in-house at companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100-sized multinational companies. They are passionate about their client service and have a zeal for facilitating business.  

You’ll have ample time to get to know their attorneys who are speaking on a wide variety of topics through the week:

Be sure to say hello to our friends at Sage Law Group – they are a huge part of the week and a strong motivator behind our expanded legal track. Thank you Sage Law Group!

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