Boulder Startup Week Sponsor: Tendril

Tendril is back as a sponsor of Boulder Startup Week 2016, and we’re so glad! Thanks to great sponsors like Tendril, we’re able to put on ~200 free events all around town over 5 days to celebrate the vibrant startup culture in Boulder. Thanks Tendril!


Tendril delivers personalized energy experiences for consumers around the world. Leading companies that want to establish a competitive advantage rely on their software and solutions to better acquire and engage customers. To do this, Tendril employs the latest in energy science and data analytics to unveil a complete understanding of the individual consumer, including their unique needs and propensities to act. With this granular understanding they help their customers unlock the true value of energy interactions.

Tendril solutions enable any company with an energy value proposition in the home to work together to increase conversion rates, reduce customer acquisition costs and strengthen brand loyalty. To accomplish this, they provide a range of solutions, including micro-­targeting and segmentation tools, home energy reports and access to online portals, which explain to customers how their home is consuming energy and how they can make changes to reduce consumption. In fact, their partnership with customer Duke Energy has helped save consumers over 1 Terawatt hour of energy ­ that’s enough to power one million homes for an entire year. They’ve found that their approach drives new business opportunities and has led to some of the industry’s highest customer engagement and satisfaction rates.

It’s Tendril’s second consecutive year sponsoring BSW! They’re very happy to be joining in on the fun this week, including the Energy Nerd Happy Hour on Thursday 5/19 5pm at Shine. Boulder-­based Tendril has been growing rapidly, having doubled in size over the past year! Also, they were recently named one of Denver Post’s Top 100 Workplaces for the third year in a row. Community involvement and supporting local startups are important values for Tendril. They’re proud of being from Boulder, and can’t wait to share more throughout the coming week.


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