Welcome Baby Bathwater as a Boulder Startup Week Sponsor!

Fellow entrepreneurs, when you go to networking events, are you finding that it takes twenty conversations to find that one gem of a human being?

Do you wish you could be at an event where everyone you met is smart, nice, interesting and a “giver” not a “taker”?

Let us introduce you to a new Boulder Startup Week sponsor, The Baby Bathwater Institute.

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The Baby Bathwater Institute was created to navigate the world of new business. To skillfully do this, they are collaborating through unique live events and intensive workshops.

Created by Hollis Carter and Michael Lovitch, The Baby Bathwater Institute officially kicked off during the Halloween weekend of 2014 with dinner and a phenomenal number of drinks at the Gold Hill Inn (35 minutes outside of Boulder, CO).

Over 45 entrepreneurs from all over the country were finally able to connect and enjoy the company of other like minded, yet heterogeneous business owners who were guaranteed to be: smart, friendly, “give first” attitude, and decidedly NOT cookie­cutter… imagine everyone you meet at an event giving you the charge of an energy drink, as opposed to sucking your valuable energy dry.

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How was this guaranteed?

Because everyone who comes to a Baby Bathwater event is highly curated by Hollis, Michael and their team… ensuring everyone who attends has far more “Baby” than “Bathwater”.

After the success of the Gold Hill dinner, the BBW community demanded more gatherings with the same vibe. Hollis and Michael then went on to create more BBW style dinners, plus, mind blowing 4­day weekends in Powder Mountain, Utah where gritty business owners proclaimed they “finally found their people.”

The list of entrepreneurs who attend their events is phenomenal, here is what they have to say:

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A bit more about the founders.

Michael Lovitch was able started a high 7-­figure a year company in 2004 in the psychology publishing space, and then went on to create an 8­-figure nutraceutical company that still lives on today.

Hollis Carter created a SAS company that was acquired in 2014. Hollis also has been behind many 7­figure launches in the digital marketing space.

Most importantly, Hollis and Michael have a low tolerance for business owners with low integrity and “taker­style personalities.” They refer to those people as the “Bathwater”.

Even better, they have a keen eye for business owners with that “special something,” who have, “giver­style personalities.” And they throw amazing events.

Since you are in town for Boulder Startup Week, we suggest you find out what the BBW experience is all about for yourself.

They are throwing an, “invite only” event where it all started…The Gold Hill Inn.

Shuttles will leave from the St. Julien Hotel on Thursday May 19 in the afternoon, and then good times will undoubtedly ensue.

Click Here to Apply For the Gold Hill Dinner

Once you apply, someone from the Baby Bathwater team will follow up and schedule a quick phone call to ensure there’s a fit on both sides.

Thanks to Baby Bathwater Institute for being a part of the Boulder Startup Week 2016 sponsor team!

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