Welcome PopSockets as a First Time Boulder Startup Week Sponsor!

Welcome PopSockets to the ranks of Boulder Startup Week 2017 sponsors. With a fun and quirky culture, backing their highly functional product, PopSockets is a startup to take note from.

A PopSocket is a small circular device with a telescopic base that adheres to tablets and smartphones. The flexible telescopic base of the PopSocket can become a handle, a stand, a headphone cord holder and more.

PopSockets popped out of the creative mind of David Barnett in Boulder, Colorado during 2012 when he turned to Kickstarter to launch his idea for a compact phone and tablet accessory into a full-blown business. Barnett’s engaging presentation of his multi-functional tablet and phone accessory paired with top-notch dance moves piqued interest in early backers to help launch PopSockets.

In 2014, PopSockets officially launched their product online and began appearing in stores throughout Boulder, Colorado. With epic media coverage from the likes of NPR, WIRED magazine and USA Today, PopSockets began to gain increased exposure and is currently blowing up all over social media.

PopSockets is sponsoring the Adventure track of Boulder Startup Week 2017. Make sure you take a break from informative talks to enjoy the company of like-minded individuals while embracing Boulder’s adventurous side. The Adventure track include events such as escape room group puzzles, cruiser rides and a happy hour with insights into creating product inspired by adventure.

Thank you PopSockets for your support in sponsoring Boulder Startup Week.  

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