Finance Track—What to expect

FINANCE. 7 little letters combined to make up one big, scary, intimidating word.

Not anymore! This year’s goal for the Boulder Startup Week Finance track is to unpack those seven letters and send your financial fear running for the hills. We firmly believe finance doesn’t have to be scary…in fact, we think finance can be…dare we say it?…fun!

We’re super excited to share this year’s events with you. They’ve been put together by experts in the field who aim to arm you with the knowledge you need in order to face all of your finance questions sans fear, whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran. Trust us…you are NOT going to want to miss out on the #financefacts our speakers will be dropping.

We’ve got a little something for every type and stage of -preneur, starting with ‘Zero to Hero: Business Formation in One Day’ on Monday, working our way throughout the week to Tuesday’s ‘Are you accounting for growth?’, Wednesday’s ‘Dilution for Dummies’, Thursday’s ‘Metric Magic: Monitor what Matters’, all the way to Friday’s finale, ‘Preparing Your Business for Sale (from Day 1!)’. We’ll also be serving up some brain fuel for all of the learning you’re going to be doing, so be sure to pop by early to snag some snackage.

We can’t wait to dance and finance with you all come May 13th! If you’re interested in getting involved in any of the Finance track events, reach out to [email protected], we’d love to chat.

Check out the complete Finance Track schedule of events!

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