Welcome Brandzooka as a Boulder Startup Week Sponsor!

Boulder Startup Week 2017 features over 200 events thanks to amazing sponsors like Brandzooka.

With 15 employees in Boulder and a vibrant community of brands, agencies, and content creators across six continents and 60+ countries, Brandzooka has a global team of media gurus, engineers, and advertising evangelists on a mission to make the most powerful video marketing systems available to everyone.

This will be Brandzooka’s third year with BSW and first as a sponsor, and the company is committed to the continued success of Startup Week and the Boulder startup community.

We gave our first demo ever at Boulder Startup Week 2015. Two years later, we’ve quadrupled in size and we’re sponsoring the AdTech Track. We owe this event so much, and we are very excited to give back to it. Boulder Startup Week gives us all a chance to cultivate the “give first” startup culture that makes us such a successful hub for innovation. — CEO Aquiles La Grave

By creating the first platform that allows anyone to place their video based on interests and online behavior on the world’s best sites, Brandzooka is the most powerful way to advertise with video online. Anyone can target the audiences that will find the video content interesting, useful, and timely, thereby making video advertising relevant and effective for everyone.

Brandzooka launched highly successful campaigns for MKTG/Dentsu Aegis and Tropicana, K23 Media and Lucky’s Market this year, and will be sponsoring Is EX the new UX?, AdTech Gets Creative, Rise of the Machines, and You THINK you know SEO.

Brandzooka will also present WTF is Programmatic on Tuesday, May 18th at 12pm @ Galvantize. CEO Aquiles La Grave will dive into what “Programmatic” means with straight language, intelligent analogies, and probably some expressive hand gestures.

Many thanks to Brandzooka for being a BSW17 sponsor!

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