Design Track—What to expect for BSW 2018

Design Track

Led by Jesse Litton, the design track events are starting to take shape. Design is frequently misunderstood, that’s why this year we are planning events that provide better clarity and perspective into how design can be better utilized in a business setting.

What to expect

Some of the events that we’ll be putting on this year will include topics around:

  • Entrepreneurship + design
  • Creativity
  • User Experience
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • + More

See a full listing of the Design Track events

Who should attend events

We’re working hard to make these events interesting and informative for many individuals. Design is all about problem solving and can be of use in many different areas of a business. If you’re interested in solving complex problems with simple and elegant solutions, the design track events are for you!

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