Welcome Kelsus as a Boulder Startup Week Sponsor!

Kelsus builds startup resilient teams of software developers that partner with startups for life. In fact, most of its current clients are the acquiring companies of these lifelong partners: Equifax (ID Watchdog), Sphero (Specdrums), and DigitalTown (JustLegal), to name a few. 

After the initial rush of getting started and finding funding, there’s a certain anxiety felt by startup leaders as their company grows. Will the software work? Will it scale? Will it pass this security audit? Most importantly, can they pinpoint product market fit before the money runs out?

Kelsus has learned how to make software at the speed of startups—without these anxieties. At Boulder Startup Week and beyond, they’re eager to meet new startups they can help. 

We couldn’t run Boulder Startup Week without the support from sponsors like Kelsus. We think you’re awesome, Kelsus—thank you!

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