Welcome Technical Integrity as a Boulder Startup Week Sponsor!

The folks at Technical Integrity, a boutique Executive and Engineering placement firm, have been working in the human capital realm for nearly 25 years and have been a committed part of Boulder Startup Week for more than a decade. With its vast national network, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and expertise on scaling C-level and engineering teams, TI builds remote and on-site teams for startups and enterprise companies alike.

After 20 years of friendship, Founder and CEO Dave Mayer recently welcomed Devwon Brice into the TI family. If you appreciate a candid and no-BS approach to life and business, you’ll love chatting with Dave, Devon, and the team at TI. And if you just want to talk about live music, snowboarding, or 3D printing RC cars or Great Danes, that’s definitely on tap as well. This week, the team’s most excited for Monday’s Fireside Chat with Royce Haynes and Wednesday’s CTO lunch. Keep an eye out for their happy hour as well! 

It’s sponsors like Technical Integrity that allows us to provide a variety of great content to thousands of community members each year for FREE. We think you’re awesome, Technical Integrity—thank you so much for supporting the Boulder startup community!

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