BSW 2022! Back in Person

After two years of being online only we are dipping our toes back into the real world with an in person 2022 Boulder Startup Week!

There will be a lot of familiar events on our schedule. You will notice it is pretty light as well. Coming back from two online years (and still with the possibility of going online this year) we are a bit timid as organizers! We want community and the old times to be back, but they just are not there, yet. The beauty of BSW is that you control so much of your experience. Feel free to organize your own coffee, lunch, or dinner with people you meet as sessions.

There are a lot of missing events. No Ignite Boulder (but there is an alumi meetup). No opening or closing party (or parties in general). Lots of track organizers have decided to wait another year before putting their full organizing effort back in. We are not doing a Basecamp either. Just community building events for the community we love.

For those new to town or new to Boulder Startup Week there is a track just for you. The event is built on radical inclusion, so feel welcomed to come to as many events as you would like.

The cost of BSW is free thanks to our generous sponsors.

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