We’re excited to announce our 3x sponsor, Gloo!

Boulder Startup Week is excited to welcome back Gloo as a Relationship track sponsor for 2019!

Gloo is sponsoring Boulder Startup Week for the fourth year in a row, and it makes perfect sense why they want to partner for the event. Startup Week is all about bringing “community together in an inclusive, educational, and engaging way”—and Gloo is dedicated to empowering organizations to better serve their communities through personal growth.

Taking up two blocks and five old buildings on the West End of Pearl Street, Gloo has, over eight years, quietly grown to over 150 employees.

Gloo is an analytics and technology company that believes with the right intentions and rigorous science, data can provide valuable insights that make a positive difference in people’s lives. These insights, and other cutting-edge capabilities are made available through Gloo to the people and organizations on a mission to serve others.

They call these people and orgs Champions—and they’ve had the opportunity to work with some who are making a big difference in the world, Champions who:

  • Provide incarcerated fathers with character and job skills so they can be at their best when they return to their families
  • Counsel couples to help them improve their relationships
  • Heal people who struggle with alcohol and opioid abuse
  • Teach families important financial skills so they can live comfortably
  • Guide individuals who are looking to explore their spirituality
  • Drive city-wide health and wellness transformation

Architected for the unique needs and considerations of Champions, Gloo provides the first data platform built to improve the lives of individuals, the health of families, and the vitality of communities.

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