Cannabis Track: What to expect

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Its development has fueled economic growth in states like Colorado and has created close to 250,000 new jobs. Each year, more and more people are getting on board, seeing the financial and social benefits of legalization. And while the industry is still very much a political talking point, it is also quickly becoming a powerhouse. Estimated to be a $25 billion industry by 2021, it is prime for entrepreneurship. And that’s before we even scratch the surface of what the recent legalization of hemp production means for new businesses CBD.

But, despite its massive potential, there are hidden landmines everywhere. Come by the cannabis track of Boulder Startup Week and uncover the areas of potential, the things to think about and how you can get in on the green rush.

Haven’t been keeping up with the industry that ages in dog years? We got you. We’ll be starting the week with an overview
of the space, how things are changing, where the opportunities live and how entrepreneurs can capitalize on them.

Not sure you’re ready to start your own business but still interested in the space? No problem – join the job fair for a chance to meet early-stage cannabis companies looking for team members.

Maybe you’ve built an innovative piece of technology and you’re not sure where the best place to launch it is? Stop by our session on how entrepreneurs can use the risk-tolerant, cash full and insulated new industry to prove concepts and build companies.

Wondering when bars and restaurants are going to start selling joints and how you can capitalize on it? Join a conversation with The Grove, the first social consumption space in Colorado, to get up to speed.

Already have a cannabis business and looking for investment? Or dipping your toe into investing yourself? We’ll be bringing in both investors and successful cannapreneurs to talk about what investors look for in a cannabis deal and how to stand out.

Not interested in the any of the “high”? Don’t worry, we wouldn’t possibly leave CBD out of this conversation. On the last day of the week, we’re gathering hemp and CBD experts to talk about regulations and what the recent passing of the Farm Bill means for all those CBD brands.

We can’t wait to elevate the conversation around cannabis from stoner to full-fledged booming industry. Join us to tap into the green rush.

Check out all the cannabis track events here.

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