Finance Track—What to expect for BSW 2018

Who (hosting)

Verity Noble, Co-Founder and Fun Manager at Boulder-based finance and accounting firm Simple Startup, is leading BSW’s first ever finance track. She believes one of the most critical parts of starting up is having a steady hold on your numbers, so she’s excited about getting some (jargon free) experts in to share their knowledge. Her aim is to have everyone walking away from the finance events feeling educated, energized, and enabled to get out there and build the financially informed startup of their dreams!

Thank you to BSW Wealth Partners for sponsoring the Finance Track!


We’ll be hosting a smorgasbord of events related to all things finance, including…
  • Subscribe: The Magic of Recurring Revenue and Why You Should Consider it for Your Startup
  • Swimming with Sharks: How to Raise Funds and Keep an Arm and a Leg (at least!)
  • Speed-experting: Speed Dating with Finance Experts (Disclaimer: This event will [probably] not get you laid.)
…and more! Please reach out to [email protected] if you have an awesome idea for this track. She’d love to know what YOU want to see.

Who (should attend)

Anyone who likes to have fun and get smarter ; ) No, really, all entrepreneurs, aspiring or established, would benefit from attending our events. We’ll have something awesome for all levels of financial know how, from CFO to $%#! I don’t know!
Can’t wait to see you there!

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