Welcome Back Technical Integrity as Sponsors for BSW 18!

Boulder Startup Week is proud to partner with Technical Integrity as our recruiting and Developer Track sponsor for #BSW18 and we thank you for your continued, and unwavering, support!

Heading into their 8th year of sponsoring BSW, Technical Integrity is a mainstay of the Boulder startup ecosystem.

Founded by Dave Mayer, Technical Integrity set out to change the face of technical recruiting since 2010. They live by their namesake of having integrity in everything they do.

Development Track Sponsor

A culture-first, community based approach to team building’ in startups means taking a more detailed and nuanced approached as a recruiter. They take the time to understand the true values and needs of companies to ensure that the teams they help build are teams that will last.

TI Office Helpers Johnny Cash and Bodie
TI Office Helpers Johnny Cash and Bodie

This holistic approach of considering the culture, mission and values of all those involved is why Technical Integrity is the first, and only, stop for many startup companies in the Boulder community. Their successes include nearly 300 hires in Boulder and Denver—and 30 hires for Foundry Group and Techstars companies alone.

“We love Boulder, it’s our hometown and it’s where our heart is. The recruiters at Technical Integrity truly live by the #GiveFirst ethos that originated in Boulder, and unquestionably, it is why we are where we are today”. Said Dave Mayer of why Boulder is such an important community to he and his team.

It is through this continued commitment to the Boulder community that TI has donated countless hours of volunteer work in the Boulder area, as well as more than $50K of charitable giving.

To learn more about Technical Integrity, please visit their blog, below are a few community-centric posts that tell more of their story….



Thank you to Technical Integrity for their continued support of Boulder Startup Week!

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One comment on “Welcome Back Technical Integrity as Sponsors for BSW 18!

  1. A moment of ecstatic joy!!!! Congratulations!!!!
    It is a delight Technical Integrity has now joined hands with BSW 18. Hoping to see some wonderful things coming ahead, seeing both of them coming together…

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