Welcome PSCR First Time Boulder Startup Week Sponsor

Did you know that Colorado has 33 federal labs operating in the state that contributed ~$2.6 billion to the state economy in 2016? One of those labs right in Boulder is the National Institute of Standards and Technology, which includes the Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) lab developing critical wireless and mobile communications technologies specifically for first responders. We welcome PSCR as a first time sponsor of Boulder Startup Week!

PSCR is focused on the interoperability and advanced communication technology needs of firefighters, law enforcement officers, and emergency medical personnel. The researchers at PSCR are passionate about developing cutting edge technologies that make our communities more safe, and they want to work with the startup community. The PSCR Innovation Accelerator has $150 million of its budget allocated to open innovation methods, grants, and cooperative agreements for supporting individuals, academic institutions, and companies working with emerging technologies in areas with public safety applicability, such as:

  1. Location Based Services (LBS);
  2. Mission Critical Voice;
  3. UI/UX; and
  4. Data Analytics.

They’re working on projects that include VR/AR and immersive environments, UAWs, IoT, and highly mobile networks. If you’re a company working in these fields, be sure to check out the challenge and prize competitions available through PSCR. The public voting for the VR competition [https://herox.com/NISTvr] is open May 8 – 19, and you can vote through the link or come to BSW17 Basecamp on Wednesday to talk with PSCR staff as they sponsor Basecamp for the day.

PSCR will be present at several events during BSW17, including:

Thanks for engaging with the startup community through your sponsor of BSW17. Welcome, PSCR, and we hope you’ll find the next technology breakthrough within the Boulder startup scene!

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