A Few Weeks Out, Saying Thank

This year Boulder Startup Week has grown to be a wonderfully giant volunteer organization with hundreds of people throwing in and helping out. More people = better community. I’d love to take a moment and thank the following community members for stepping up and leading tracks, marketing, community outreach and being there when things fall through.

Here is the awesome team that donates their time to make this community event happen. They are amazing:

Rendl Clark Arlynn Ilgenfritz Rachel Beisel Nicole Dial-Kay Amy Button Eric M. Budd Tony Bacigalupo Jackson Fox Miles Matthias Trish Groom Beth Hartman Daniel Zacek Alex Hanifin Kevin Owocki Nico Valencia Chris Meyer Jakub Kostecki Yoriko Morita Micah Tapman Simone Johnson Rylan BowersAdam Calihman Greg Berry Rich Grote Jordan Winkler Arieann DeFazio Emilie Kintner Jesse MichaelsLauren Seaton Dave Mayer Sarai Snyder Tara Anderson Sara Weathers David Mandell Kate CatlinEmily Gomez Sarah Brown Zach Duckworth Valerie Goren

Also should be noted are our amazing sponsors:






Pivotal Labs

Boulder Brands


Technical Integrity

Applied Trust





Code Craft School

Cisco Spark

Matter Communications

Digital Commerce Summit

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