Thank you Matter, Boulder Startup Week Veteran Sponsor!

Welcome Matter, veteran sponsors of Boulder Startup Week! We are so thankful for organizations like Matter; the engines that help make Startup Week possible.

Matter was founded in 2004 and added Boulder as its fourth satellite office in June 2015. Offering a full suite of integrated public relations services, both online and offline, Matter is one of the fastest ­growing public relations and social media firms in the country.

Matter team enjoying the 300+ days of sunshine Boulder has to offer!

Public relations is at the core of Matter’s business, but they do so much more than PR. As the business landscape shifts from faceless companies to human connections, Matter recognizes that brand elevation is the future of PR, and now includes everything from media relations to social media, to video and graphics. It’s all about storytelling in a way that inspires audiences into action. Thanks in a large part to the rise of social media and the sharing culture of Millennials, the most important aspect of your brand is the personal connection you make with your audience. Matter has mastered this dawning era of “networked individualism” and “feeding the beast” to stay relevant. They keep your brand’s heartbeat strong, build awareness, and help shape your story to strengthen relationships.

Our world is evolving at lightning speed and Matter is right in step with the creation of meaningful content. They put their clients first, while operationally adhering by the holy trinity of brains, guts, and gusto. With their unique ability to give brands a clear voice in the noisy fray, it’s no surprise that year after year, Matter sweeps their industry’s top awards.

Join PR Extraordinaire and Startup guru Maria Brown at their downtown Boulder office (above Japango!) to learn how to Cut Through the Buzzword Bull$h!t on Tuesday, May 16, 3:00pm – 4:00pm and at Rayback for Adtech gets Creative on Wednesday, May 17, 4:00pm – 4:50pm.

Matter is ingrained in the Boulder Startup Week Family. Thank you for your loyalty, we look forward to partnering for years to come!


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