Sales & Customer Success Track—What to expect

Customer expectations are higher than they’ve ever been in the consumer world and those same expectations have extended to B2B spaces. Ensuring customers achieve successful outcomes with your business is paramount for customer retention, renewals, and account expansions. Customers want a frictionless sales process, easy onboarding, quick time to value AND expect an overall delightful experience at every interaction.

In this track, hear from local Denver and Boulder leaders on the challenges and strategies they’ve used in delivering an exceptional customer experience along the customer buying>onboarding>growing>advocating journey. Learn what works to keep the teams engaged and focused on the right customer outcomes but also meeting their department goals of net new revenue for Sales and retention/growth for CS. Hear from experts on the connections between customer success and employee success, as well as advice on building customer success teams, from hiring, engaging, and growing your customer success function aligned with business maturity.

Events this year will include topics around:

  • Building your Customer Success strategy for Startups
  • Aligning Customer Success + Sales
  • Real stories behind Customer Success-fueled growth
  • Calculating CS ROI and leveraging those results to drive customer focus and culture across your organization
  • The link between Customer Success & Employee Success the focus on attracting, hiring and coaching is key to having high employee engagement and customer retention

Check out the complete Sales & Customer Success Track schedule of events!

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