Welcome eGauge, First Time Boulder Startup Week Sponsor

What better way to showcase a homegrown Boulder startup company than at Boulder Startup Week 2017? We’re so happy to welcome eGauge as a first time track sponsor!

egauge team

eGauge is a prime example of a bootstrapped company, started in the founder’s basement to solve a previously unaddressed problem. The company was founded in 2008, when David Mosberger decided to design his own system for monitoring his home’s energy consumption and solar energy production since he could not find a product on the market that met his needs. From those humble beginnings in David’s garage, eGauge has grown to 19 people who are constantly creating new hardware and software for even better energy monitoring performance.

eGauge customers include home-owners, electrical contractors, solar installers and schools, with eGauge products providing the tools necessary for all of these constituents to reduce their energy costs. These products are installed around the world, including installations in city buildings around Boulder through a partnership with the City of Boulder. What started as just an idea has led to over thirty-thousand meters in the field, helping customers save energy!

eGauge also is passionate about giving back to the community. One example is an ongoing project with the St. Vrain Valley School District and the ReNew Our Schools program. eGauge partners with other local companies to donate energy metering equipment so that schools can understand and decrease their energy usage. The program also encourages student engagement with an energy efficiency competition that challenges each school in the district to have the lowest energy usage. ReNew Our Schools has become a staple for children to understanding what it means to turn off the lights or to perform other energy saving activities.

eGauge is also a strong advocate for open-source software. eGauge uses programs like Ubuntu, KiCad, Python, Django and GIMP for their tools because they believe that working in an open-source community lets users work together to build a better, more reliable program. Open-source also allows for a better understanding of the program and lets users work more efficiently.

Getting involved with BSW17 is an opportunity for eGauge to really engage with the local startup community, and we’re so thankful. Come meet eGauge employees at Energy Track events throughout the week. Welcome eGauge to the BSW family, and we are rooting for your continued success!


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