Welcome back to Name.com as a returning sponsor for BSW 2019!

Name.com started in a small apartment off the Platte River in Denver. It was a crowded place, especially with animals in the walls.

“We’d hear pigeons rummaging around. One time a mouse ran across my desk,” says Dave McBreen, now Vice President of the Denver domain registrar.

Since then, they’ve upgraded locations and their mice are exclusively digital, but they’re still set on the same goal from their apartment days: Design a clean, simple interface where you can get the web services you need quickly and then focus on what you want to do.

So what do Name.com customers do?

“It’s a good question,” says Jared Ewy, their long-time community evangelist.

“They’re software engineers. They’re gamers. They’re WordPress builders. They’re the freelancers, the graphic designers, display marketers, SEO wizards, and a lot of tinkerers failing their way to success,” says Ewy.

It seems like Name.com customers are like many of the people you meet at Boulder Startup Week. “We know them well,” continues Ewy. “Mostly because that’s who we are, too.”  

If you’re someone looking to get online and build your brand, then Name.com offers a premium domain management experience with an updated API for reseller purposes or just added convenience.

“We want to be your path of least resistance,” says McBreen.

Ewy agrees saying they ensure a crisp digital interface with a very human passion for getting things right. “We’re for helping our customers and, when we can, giving away as many tacos as accounting will allow.”

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