Food Track: What to expect

You’d be remiss to plan your 2019 Boulder Startup Week without considering the Food Track with a watchful eye, err, stomach.

The 2019 Food Track is going to be big and different! This year we are pushing Boulder beyond its traditional CPG roots and introducing a deeper focus on the food system and the role of technology in the food system.
Expect to learn more about new age trends like e-commerce and how to sell online, big food system issues like food waste, new innovations and opportunities across the food value chain, the role of technology in food and agriculture, a farm tour to reconnect with our Boulder farmers, and we’re closing out the week by kicking off Startup Weekend Food+Tech on Friday night!

To make this happen we’ve had a ton of help from the community. Nutrition Capital Network is our food track sponsor this year with local startup community leader Joe Mattaserving as track captain. But Joe has been only a tiny piece of the puzzle. This year’s events have been planned and coordinated by a number of local food community leaders, including:

As a team we have been laser focused on delivering an engaging lineup of educational and inspirational events that are sure to provide value to seasoned foodies and newcomers alike. If you are interested in the Food track you can expect events that will cover some old and some brand new perspectives on food, including, but not limited to:

  • Preventing Food Loss at the Farm
  • Innovative Commercial Food Waste Strategies
  • Plant-based and Cell-Based Foods
  • AI & Blockchain in the Food System
  • Raising Capital for your Food Startup
  • Changing the Food System by Changing Capital
  • FoodTech and AgTech Entrepreneurs
  • Soil & Regenerative Agriculture
  • Future Models of Sustainable Agriculture
  • Ganjapreneurs: Hemp and CBD in Food
  • Food Trends and Marketing Strategies
  • Food E-Commerce and Selling Strategies

Whether you’re already a staple in the Boulder food startup community or have an appetite for checking it out, there’s surely an event, or five, for you.

Check out all the exciting events from the Food Track and plan your schedule today!

See you there!
Joe & Your BSW Food Track Team

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