Blockchain Track—What to expect for BSW 2018

Blockchain Track

If you’ve been around Boulder and have ever joined a conversation on blockchain, you’re likely familiar with Kevin Owocki and Michael Green. Now on his 5th year participating in BSW, Kevin is the Founder of Gitcoin, a blockchain-based incentivization layer for Open Source Software. Michael is an entrepreneur and organizer of both the Boulder Blockchain Meetup and the Ethereum Boulder Meetup. Among the extraordinary talent they’ve assembled to participate in the sessions, Boulder is excited to be hosting Rootstock (RSK) to discuss their blockchain technology that will radically, positively change the financial system.  

One of the hottest topics of 2017 and 2018, blockchain technology possess tremendous potential for innovation and change. But like any huge societal/technological shift, the challenges and opportunities are only limited by our imaginations. From futuristic visions, the future of work, investment opportunities, and tangible ways to use blockchain now, these sessions will help you block and hash your way through the present and future of blockchain.

Don’t worry if you’re not fluent in blockchain techno-speak—these sessions will have something for everyone. As Colorado continues to emerge as leader in blockchain—at least as much as anyone can in a completely decentralized system—the impact blockchain will have on jobs and businesses here is going to manifest in new and exciting ways that will affect us all. Be prepared to open your mind to the seismic shifts blockchain technology will lead across major industries and global institutions.

See a full listing of the Blockchain Track sessions

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