Welcome Back Zayo as a Boulder Startup Week Sponsor!

The Boulder Startup Week family is thrilled to welcome back Zayo Group as a sponsor for BSW2018! Thanks to generous sponsors like Zayo Group, BSW2018 remains a free, community-oriented five-day extravaganza of all things Boulder and startups.

Platinum Sponsor: Leadership Lessons Track

Visit Zayo during BSW for their keynote event: Google, Netflix, Major League Baseball and Zayo: Architecting their Networks.

Zayo is in the communications infrastructure business, meeting the growing need for high-capacity bandwidth. Its customers include some of the world’s largest carriers, media and Internet companies – along with healthcare, finance organizations and other large enterprises. Today, Zayo’s global reach extends to more than 390 markets in 45 countries. Not bad for a company that got its start at an office above Nick n Willy’s in 2006.  

Zayo’s mission and vision are transformative:

While Zayo IPO’d in 2014, Zayo continues to rely on its entrepreneurial approach to expand its infrastructure footprint. Since Boulder Startup Week 2016, it has acquired additional companies (to bring the total to 41) and expanded its network footprint by 15,000 miles (127,000 route miles total).

As Zayo continues to grow, the company  continues its support of the vibrant startup community in Boulder by providing opportunities for diverse candidates. They team up with organizations like Greenhouse Scholars, Catalyze CU, the Colorado STEM Association, CU’s WILD  Summit, Startup Summer and more, to promote entrepreneurship, attract underrepresented groups to STEM fields and help empower the Colorado technology community.  

If that doesn’t say enough, Zayo also earned the 2017 Corporate Salute Board Award from  the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce in recognition of four women on its board of directors. Zayo was also the 2015 inaugural recipient of the Colorado Governor’s Citizenship Medal for corporate citizenship. Learn more about their work in the community.

Zayo also encourages its employees to get involved in the Boulder startup community. In the words of CEO Dan Caruso, “Zayo is a vibrant example of Boulder’s startup ecosystem, and we are proud to support our incredible entrepreneurial community through events like Boulder Startup Week.”

Zayo employees will also be mingling with the community throughout Boulder Startup Week events as attendees, so be sure to say hi!  Zayo is also looking to fill a lot of open positions, so be sure to check out their job openings.

Thank you, Zayo Group, for your continued support of Boulder Startup Week.

~Written by Rebecca Albright

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