Welcome Back Gloo as a Second Year Sponsor for BSW!

Welcome back to second year sponsor of BSW, Gloo!

Boulder Startup Week is all about connecting and growing the startup community.  What better partner than Gloo, which is all about engaging, connecting, and growing the community mentality within companies? Gloo has been in Boulder for over 7 years, providing digital tools that help organizations champion people’s growth and development.

Gloo LifeFrom the founders, Scott and Theresa Beck, “Throughout our life together, we’ve shared a passion for strong communities and personal growth. This shows through our foundation’s support, global impact and local focus. As we built this groundwork, our energy was split 80% on business and 20% on mission. We decided to reverse that focus. We’re happy to be involved in the Boulder startup community, and inspired by the innovation in our city. BSW does important work making new connections and keeping relationships strong.”
Gloo develops customized cloud-based software solutions to help companies bring their employees closer together and collaborate better, while achieving measurable results.  Now 150-people strong and moving fast, the team at Gloo is passionate about partnering with the people and organizations who make it their mission to change lives.

Check out the full schedule for the Education Track.

Thank you to Gloo for your continued support of
Boulder Startup Week!

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