Energy Track—What to expect for BSW 2018

Energy Track

The Energy Track will be led by Alexandra Kaufhold who is passionate about all things energy. We’re not talking just your utility bill here, we’re talking about the future of energy with investing, startups, cars and batteries. Energy is in everything we work with and it’s produced in many different ways. This track is going to teach you more than any bill ever could.

What to expect

  • Investing in clean energy
  • Energy Startups
  • Investing in automobiles
  • Working with electric vehicles
  • EV infrastructures
  • The future of EV
  • Clean energy
  • Sustainable energy (in our community and beyond)
  • Geeking out on all things energy
  • Great conversations
  • Drinks with minds alike

See a full listing of the Energy Track sessions

Who should attend events

Since energy affects everyone because we use it on a daily basis and our life revolves around having some way to keep mobile and charged, anyone and everyone. If you have questions or have thoughts about sustainable energy, electric vehicles or investing in clean energy, please attend! We love talking to the public to let them know where our future of energy is headed.

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