Boulder Startup Week 2023 Schedule is Live

We are very happy to be back for year 14 of Boulder Startup Week. The schedule just launched here.

Spring is here which means your favorite community organized event is also sprouting up. The 14th annual Boulder Startup Week (BSW) will be May 15-19 this year, which is just around the corner! In keeping with last year’s BSW, we’re curating a smaller number of events and focusing on creating opportunities for people to connect and engage in meaningful conversations. Whether you’ve long been a part of the local startup scene, are new to the area, or just recently became interested in startups, we hope you join in with the goal of making a new connection and enriching the experience for others. 

BSW is supported and run by Glider, a local Colorado 501(c)(3) dedicated to fostering “Inclusive thinking to create better communities.” While there is no cost to attend BSW, you can support the work Glider does for the community by making a donation here

Similar to last year, most of the events will be hosted at Kiln, an awesome coworking space in Boulder that’s a huge supporter of BSW and startups in general. If you’re looking for a coworking space, or have an upcoming event you’re planning, definitely chat with Kiln; and be sure to thank them for their support! 

We’ve got the preliminary schedule together, check it out here. The schedule continues to grow and we expect to add additional events over the next week, so be sure to check back throughout the week and on Monday as we kick things off so you don’t miss anything. 

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