Welcome back to Name.com as a returning sponsor for BSW 2020!

Boulder Startup Week is excited to welcome back the Name.com as a sponsor of Boulder Startup Week 2020. 

Name.com is finding ways to assist during difficult times. Whether it’s providing free products or giving people an easy way to sell domains on their own website, Name.com does it. They’d also like to figure out if they can still give away tacos during a time of social distancing.

“I’m not sure how many years we’ve done it, but free tacos has been a part of Boulder Startup Week for a long time,” says Name.com’s Jared Ewy, who attributes some of the forgetfulness to the annual free taco night at T/aco. 

He says that while they are trying to follow through on T/aco tacos, right now they’re focusing on helping people get online. 

“If you email me, I’ll get you a free domain name,” insists the long-time Name.com evangelist. 

Ewy says that Name.com is finding ways to lower costs to the customer. “Our support team is full of really wonderful people who are willing to work with you if you’re facing hardship. Whether it’s setting you up with a free domain or finding you lower costs on renewals, we’re lowering all barriers for people starting up, starting over, or growing their operations online.” 

Name.com has recently upgraded their API to make it easier for others to install in their own websites and sell domains.

“It’s designed so you can instantly generate an API key and get your project started. We’re confident in saying that it’s the best way to resell and manage domains programmatically,” says Ewy.

Name.com wants to be your path of least resistance, says Ewy. 

“And give away as many tacos as accounting and social distancing will allow.”

Oh, and his email is jared at name.com.

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