Data Science Track —What to expect

The data science track is back at Boulder Startup Week for a second year. It is again led by Diana Pfeil, data scientist at Honey, and Sara Bates, CEO & co-founder of MamaMend. Diana and Sara are also the organizers of the Boulder chapter of Women in Machine Learning & Data Science (WiMLDS). They are passionate about bringing the data science community together with engaging talks and workshops.

The events in the track will be largely focused on data science and machine learning. Folks and companies new to data science should check out the Machine Learning Language Showdown, where we break down pros and cons of the top programming languages used for ML, or Analyze Boulder, which is hosting a panel on data careers. On the more technical end of the spectrum, we have a 3 experts explaining the challenges they’ve seen in running machine learning in production. We also have a happy hour and a tooling showcase with 5-minute lightning talks, which will be a lot of fun for people of all skill levels and interests.

See you there!

Check out the complete Data Science Schedule.

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