Welcome Back CodeCraft as a Boulder Startup Week Sponsor!

It is because of returning sponsors like CodeCraft that Boulder Startup Week continues to be a completely free event and we are so excited to have them back for 2017!

Two core values that I’ve always tried to instill at CodeCraft are continuous learning and a great sense of community. Boulder Startup Week is a fantastic example of both of these values, and I consider myself lucky to be able to participate, both on a personal and company level. — Director Chase Penelli

CodeCraft School of Technology was founded by James Graham, owner of Richtr Financial Studio, Bruce Borowsky and Zach Daudert, co-founders of Boulder Digital Arts. CodeCraft was born from the belief that with great instruction and curriculum a career focused non-traditional education could be born. With an extensive background developing training programs that emphasize practical skills over theory, CodeCraft School is a natural extension of their passion to empower individuals with modern skills. CodeCraft School is privileged and excited to be part of helping people create a better future by giving them the skills they need to build, develop, and enrich their own careers, and, consequently, their lives.

Current Course Offerings:

User Experience (UX) Design, Part-time

“Our part-time, immersive UX Design & Research course is structured around the work day, so you can earn an income by day and accelerate your career at night. The instructors have the likes of Google on their resume, and they’ve built this course to teach the best practices of behavioral economics to help transform your career in the UX design world.” Apply Here

Full Stack Web Development, Full-time

“Our full-time, immersive Web Development is formatted so that students learn both the fundamental front-end languages that power all websites including HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as coding back-end technologies with JavaScript that leverage servers, databases, and complex logic to craft complete, highly-functional web apps. In addition to technical training, you’ll also benefit from guest speakers, whiteboard working sessions, and mock interviews. Apply Here

CodeCraft helped organize the panel event How to Use UX/UI Design Early and Often in Your Startup on Wednesday, May 17th from 4:00pm-4:45pm at Riverside. Staff, faculty and students will be out and about at BSW events all week, but you’ll likely find them in the Design, Development, and EdTech tracks.

Thanks again to CodeCraft for their continued support of Boulder Startup Week.

One comment on “Welcome Back CodeCraft as a Boulder Startup Week Sponsor!

  1. CodeCraft is also hosting a happy hour showing of “Code – Debugging the Gender Gap”, Thursday, May 18th starting at 5:30pm https://boulderstartupweek2017.sched.com/event/Agfc/save-the-future-of-tech-code-debugging-the-gender-gap-screening

    This film explores the reasons for the gender and minority hiring gap among software engineers. A must see!! #changetheratio

    Popcorn, candy, craft beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages will be available + Free Parking!

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