Some Metrics from Boulder Startup Week 2016


As we are wrapping up Boulder Startup Week 2016 we have some awesome stats on our event and community.

  • 8450 attendees
  • 203 events
  • 421 speakers
  • 71 venues
  • 41 is the average age of a BSW participant
  • 42% of participants are female
  • 44% of speakers are female
  • 44% of participants are married
  • 38% of participants have kids
  • 71% of participants own a home
  • The NPS score was 60

It is super interesting how high the stats are. 8450 is a massive number for a town of 100k people. The average age is higher than the stereotype of what a founder looks like. The participation of female attendees and speakers is much higher than the national average and is close to being representative of the community as a whole (not industry specific), which has been a focus. This is because of the hard work of a community that just a few years ago had less than 10% participation.  The NPS of 60 is something we are extremely proud of.


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