Founders Track: What to expect

Who (track leads)

Brad and Hannah, co/founders of Delta Awesome, a coaching company dedicated to decreasing startup failures, are leading the Founder Track along with Amy Giggey and Cristin Leimer. This series of tracks is the best place to go to learn and share what it’s like to be a founder in any part of the journey.

What to expect

The Founder Cluster covers 32 panels with dozens of panelists across the entire lifecycle of a startup – from ideation to IPO. The four tracks include:

  • Stage 1: Ideate and Research {view the schedule here}
  • Stage 2: Launch and Commit {view the schedule here}
  • Stage 3: Stabilize and Scale {view the schedule here}
  • Stages 4 & 5: Real Company/Enterprise Sales/Exits & IPOs {view the schedule here}

Who (should attend)

Founders are at the heart of every startup and the entrepreneurial ecosystem at large. These events are geared towards founders of all stages. Our panelists include an array of experiences and are professionals in various industries with expertise and stories from the trenches. Our goal is to share information with the newest member of the founder community to the most seasoned of startup veterans.

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