Welcome CodeCraft as a Boulder Startup Week Sponsor!

CodeCraft Open Space

A stellar example of an organization that fuels the future of the Boulder startup economy is CodeCraft School of Technology. Thank you to CodeCraft School for sponsoring the Design track events at Boulder Startup Week 2016!

Located right in the technology hub of Boulder, adjacent to Ball Aerospace and other tech companies large and small, you learn the essential skills and tools you need to succeed in today’s technology marketplace at CodeCraft. With the tagline, “Launch a new career in technology in as little as 10 weeks!” CodeCraft offers 10­ week professional bootcamps to truly kickstart your new coding or digital design career.

CodeCraft classes are taught by industry experts with deep connections in the community and strong technical expertise, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality education that you’ll be able to use immediately. Additionally, students have free access to classes at partner Boulder Digital Arts, thus giving them the opportunity to extend their learning to beyond coding.

The founders of CodeCraft School also founded Boulder Digital Arts (BDA), so they have entrepreneurship in their nature. In the words of Bruce Borowsky, one of CodeCraft and BDA founders:

“Zach and I founded BDA over 12 years ago to be a centralized resource for digital learning. A few years ago, as the coding bootcamp industry was forming, we looked around here and saw mostly “corporate” options that seemed to be churning students out and hiring their recent graduates to teach. That’s when we decided we could do better and leverage our experience and passion for empowering people in our community with career­focused digital skills bootcamps. That’s the origin of CodeCraft and it shares the same philosophy and real commitment to our customers.”

CodeCraft will be heavily involved with BSW2016 events, including:

Monday 5/16 4pm @ CodeCraft: Building Better Websites with Bootstrap CSS Workshop
Tuesday 5/17 5pm @ CodeCraft: 6th annual Boulder Startup Week Startup Crawl
Wednesday 5/18 5pm @ CodeCraft: I am Woman [In Tech] ­ Powerhouse Panel and Happy Hour
Thursday 5/19 11am @ Spark Haus at Boulder Theater: Boulder Startup Week Job Fair

We really appreciate CodeCraft supporting the next wave of the Boulder startup workforce. Thanks for being a BSW2016 sponsor, CodeCraft School!


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