Startup Serendipity

Each year, publications across the country recognize what we all know: Boulder is simply the best.

Brainiest city in America? Check.

Best place to build a startup? Check.

Best Cities for Entrepreneurs? Check.

Outside magazine’s most recent list of 100 Best Places to Work recognized a whopping 36 Colorado businesses – including our very own Boulder Startup Week sponsors BSW Wealth Partners, Sphero and Trade Desk. So what really solidifies Boulder’s ranking on these lists? It’s the unique culture that our community has curated. Boulder Startup Week is an integral part of the culture that has so many people singing our praises.

And so begins the final countdown to Boulder Startup Week! The free-spirited week focused on innovation, collaboration and an immense outpouring of support and belief in one another. We want to make sure you get the most out of your Boulder Startup Week experience.

Below are a few tips to help you navigate networking at #BSW17.


Networking 101

Handing out business cards to everyone you meet is not networking. Ask questions and listen with the goal of learning something. Don’t simply wait for your turn to talk. Understand your own priorities before making asks. Define your goals! Hone your strengths! Ask yourself the hard questions, dig deep and find the gems. Say yes! It’s the people that make companies tick and Boulderites are impressive as hell.


Have conversations with those around you, think through your network, how can you help them along the way? Network by doing favors for people, go that extra mile, surprise them. Give first, give often, give with no expectation of receiving, give advice, give opportunity, give introductions, give community.

Value deep relationships

It’s no longer about work/life balance; it’s about work/life integration. No longer do we draw the line between personal and professional relationships. Relate on a personal level while simultaneously strengthening your professional relationship. An increasing number of Americans work, live, and play with people who think exactly like them. Be an opportunity maker, actively seek situations with people unlike you and build authentic relationships. Don’t be affronted by differences, be fascinated by them.

Be open to collaboration

There is no denying how connected our world has become. Technology has the potential to answer our biggest questions, solve our biggest problems, and understand the world around us like never before. But, we can’t do it alone. We need partnerships that use best talents together more often for the greater good and accomplish things we couldn’t have done on our own. We are surrounded by dedicated professionals with strong loyalty, build your entrepreneurial ecosystem. Even more than giving, is the capacity for us to do something smarter together for the greater good that lifts us both up.


The world is hungry for us to use our best talents and accomplish things far greater than we could on our own. Embrace Boulder’s unique culture and prepare yourself for the serendipity that appears when you open up to opportunity at Boulder Startup Week.

We can’t wait to see you!

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