Cannabis Track—What to expect for BSW 2018

Cannabis Track

CanopyBoulder is excited to be the leader of the cannabis track at 2018 Boulder Startup Week. As the leading (and really, only) business accelerator and investment fund for ancillary cannabis sectors, we’ve seen our fair share of cannabis start-ups. Since we began in 2014, we’ve helped launch 79 companies, made over 90 investments and watched as our alumni have raised over $35 million in follow-on funds.

The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Its development has fueled economic growth in states like Colorado and has created close to 150,000 new jobs. Each year, more and more people are getting on board, seeing the financial and social benefits of legalization. And while the industry is still very much a political talking point, it is also quickly becoming a powerhouse. Estimated to be a $25 billion industry by 2021, it is prime for entrepreneurship.

Ask anyone about the industry and you’ll get mentions on dispensaries, oil pens, edibles and cultivation facilities. And while these businesses are hugely important to the development—they are not the only option for entrepreneurs. In fact, the foundation on which these businesses sit is even more critical. A start-up in and of itself, the cannabis industry needs everything—from tech to media to payroll processing. If it exists in another industry, cannabis needs it too. AND it hasn’t existed before, making this industry truly an entrepreneurs dream. The possibilities are endless and it’s still small enough to make a big splash.

It’s CanopyBoulder’s goal to help develop these foundation businesses that this industry so desperately needs to grow profitably, sustainably and rapidly. For that reason, we’re going to focus on opportunities and the state of the industry during Boulder Startup Week. We’ll start the week with an overview of the industry to date and end the week with some futurecasting—explaining the current and upcoming opportunities for entrepreneurs.

In between, we’ll be talking about what to expect when starting a cannabusiness, how its different from other industries and obstacles to know about and overcome. We’ll also be introducing the world to the next generation of businesses during our Demo Day of our spring 2018 cohort, followed by beer and wine on our patio overlooking the Flatirons. And if that’s not hands-on enough for you, be sure to check out our Ideastorm Workshop, where we’ll brainstorm new amazing ideas for the industry (you can even take them with you!!)

See a full listing of the Cannabis Track sessions

Cannabis has gotten a reputation as an exciting and fun new industry—come by CanopyBoulder during Boulder Startup Week to find out why!

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