Boulder Startup Week Sponsor: Pivotal

Pivotal continues to be a staunch supporter of Boulder Startup Week, and we couldn’t be prouder! Welcome back as a sponsor of BSW2016, Pivotal!


With millions of developers in communities around the world, Pivotal technology touches billions of users every day. After shaping the software development culture of Silicon Valley’s most valuable companies for over a decade, today Pivotal leads a global technology movement transforming how the world builds software. Pivotal has a robust Cloud Native Platform called Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Big Data Suite, and Spring, all of which can be leveraged to bring startup­-like agility to any enterprise.

Just last week, Pivotal closed a Series C round of $253M led by Ford and with contributions from EMC, GE, and Microsoft. Pivotal has worked closely with Ford, most recently collaborating to launch FordPass, a smartphone app that will help drivers of new Ford vehicles get remote access to their car, find and pay for parking, and facilitate car sharing.

Many in Boulder know Pivotal for its agile UX design and development arm, Pivotal Labs. Pivotal Labs has 17 offices worldwide with clients ranging from Mercedes Benz to Humana to the IRS. They work alongside their clients as an integrated product design team and, because they work collaboratively, clients learn cutting-­edge technology and best practices while engaged with Pivotal Labs. Many of their startup clients are also starting projects on Pivotal Web Services, a hosted Cloud Native Platform designed for speed and agility.

The Boulder office has always supported the local startup scene, including doing work with GNIP (now Twitter) and Techstars companies like SendGrid and Revolar. They also host Product Office Hours every week, offering free guidance to startups around UX, product management, and development. Oh, and they have lots of fun together too.


Boulder Startup Week is a natural fit for Pivotal and there are several sessions in which Pivotal is involved including:

Monday 5/16:
iter8. How rapid iterations lead to success across any industry and any size company (4pm)
Join us at Google’s Boulder headquarters for iter8’s first meetup. Pivotal will moderate a panel made up of both software and physical product companies, discussing how the simple act of iterating has led to their success.

Tuesday 5/17:
Hike Sanitas for your Daily Standup (6­8am)
Join Pivotal Labs for an early morning hike up beautiful Mount Sanitas. With a bird’s­eye view over beautiful downtown Boulder, we’ll do a “morning standup” by talking about our plans for the day. You’ll be pampered with gourmet coffee and pastries at the top!

6th Annual BSW Startup Crawl (5­7pm)
Join us for the 6th annual Boulder Startup Week Startup Crawl! This is a chance for local startups to open their doors, show off their digs and invite the public in for some fun. Pivotal will be right there in the thick of the fun.

Wednesday 5/18:
Mentor Community Office Hours (9­11am)
Community Mentors give back and share their perspectives and experiences with founders and entrepreneurs of all walks of life in fast paced 20 minute sessions. Meet Kevin Menzie, the Boulder Office Director of Pivotal Labs!

Thursday 5/19:
Getting Product, Design and Engineering to Work Effectively as a Team (12:30 ­ 1:30pm)
A designer, developer, and product manager walk into a bar…. jk. This panel discussion aims to offer practical advice for multidisciplinary agile software teams. We’ll discuss our process, the benefits of having a Balanced Team, and lessons we’ve learned from our time collaborating at Pivotal Labs.

We’re doing the happy dance at Boulder Startup Week to celebrate Pivotal’s continued involvement with our events. Thanks, Pivotal!


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