What Caught Our Eye This Week – Week of March 12th

Being mired in the world of startups is tough business. It’s easy just to bury your head and work all hours, but sometimes it helps to take a look up and see what’s going on around you.

Here are a few announcements/events/interesting tidbits that caught our eye in the community this week.

Startup Weekend Boulder—Space

The sky is the limit…actually not in this event! Join us to lean how to launch a space startup over a weekend.

Pitch Lab: How To Tell a Captivating Story Like a Stand-Up Comedian!

Learn to be a more engaging storyteller using proven techniques from your favorite comedians like Patton Oswalt, Tig Notaro and Dave Chappelle.

Introducing New Products in Competitive Industries

By Kevin Lamar

“Starting small lets you quickly shift time and spend toward dominating the niches where sales are actually occurring. You can identify and win over their influencers. You can offer opportunities to experience the product first-hand, as well as robust return policies to reduce friction of buying a new product. And you can invest time and effort in having meaningful conversations with your customers, to strengthen relationships and improve your product.”

Innovation Ecosystem – CU Leeds School of Business

CU Boulder’s Leeds School of Business offers students, staff, faculty, and the community at large an ‘ecosystem’ of innovation resources – the two-page piece includes loads of local resources including meet-ups, accelerators, competitions, co-working spaces, and more.

CU Boulder New Venture Challenge 10 Championships

Come to the culmination of the New Venture Challenge 10 season at the NVC Championships! Winners from the NVC tracks will pitch to win the prizes available to finalists, totaling of $100k. Come to hear the teams’ amazing ideas, connect with the amazing Boulder and CU Boulder innovative and entrepreneurial communities, and find out who wins NVC 10!

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