Mentor Office Hours Track—What to expect for BSW 2018

Who (is putting these events on)

Organized by Glenn Reese, the Boulder Startup Week 2018 mentor office hours provides a rare opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to have personalized time with an established business leader to discuss their latest projects. This track will feature CEOs, CFOs, Founders, Venture Partners, General Councils, Operating Partners and more spread across a diverse landscape of backgrounds. Our community’s leaders willingness to give their time is vital to nurturing the next crop of awesome founders and companies! Thank you to our amazing community for supporting this initiative!


The track features a 2-hour time block where entrepreneurs will seek thoughts from mentors in 20-minute one-on-one sessions.

  • Feedback
  • Coaches
  • Facilitates
  • Encourage
  • Teach
  • Nurture
  • Respect
  • Relationships
  • Community

See a full listing of the Mentor Office Hours track sessions

Who (should attend)

This track is for entrepreneurs who are interested in receiving experienced feedback on an idea or project while expanding their community relationships.

Here are a couple of mentee recommendations to best prepare for this valuable opportunity:

  1. Listen and respect the opportunities, limitations and format of the relationship and always act with courtesy and respect towards your mentor.
  2. Use active listening skills during discussions with your mentor. Take notes when appropriate, ask good questions and have a purpose for your questions.
  3. Prepare the goals and objectives you have for idea, project or early-stage company. Be prepared to ask for specific guidance and advice on your goals, plans and strategic ideas.
  4. Take the initiative to ask for feedback. Feedback, although difficult to hear at times, is critical to your personal and professional growth and development. Demonstrate that you are open to hear new ideas and suggestions to bring out your best and overcome any blind spots.
  5. Always be considerate and respect your mentor’s time as you do your own. Be thorough, but succinct in your explanations, experiences and comments.
  6. Have fun and develop a new friendship with these important community leaders.

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