Founder Track—What to Expect from BSW 2018

Who (track leads)

We’re Brad Bickerton and Hannah Taylor. Together, we make Delta Awesome, your shepherds through the good luck wasteland. Brad is an experienced entrepreneur & executive with 15 years in founding, educating and transforming startup teams into companies.

Hannah has an entrepreneur’s soul combined with a project managers mentality. She has worked with accelerators all over the world. She is currently a Program Manager at UpRamp.

What to expect

What’s at the heart of every startup? The founder…without them that great idea will never come to life. For BSW’s first ever founder specific track we will explore everything from day zero to your exit plan and everything in between.

We have 9 panels so far covering a wide variety of startup experience—from what do to the day after the raise to what to expect when you’re raising capital and are pregnant and/or with a small child.

See a full listing of the Founder Track sessions.

Who (should attend)

These events are geared towards founders of all stages. Our panelists are an array of people in various industries with expertise and stories from the trenches. Our goal is to share information with the newest member of the founder community to the most seasoned of startup veterans.

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