Culture Track—What to expect for BSW 2018

Who We Are

The Culture track will be led by teamwork-fanatics A.J. Pape (who’s obsessed with creating offsites that don’t suck) and Kate Catlin (Founder of Find My Flock, a job board built especially for the underrepresented in tech). The two share a set of values for each event they organize:

  1. Diversity: Speakers and panelists must come from a variety of background and perspectives.
  2. Inclusivity: Everyone should feel welcome at all events.
  3. Actionability: No armchair philosophizing. After each event you’ll walk away with next steps you can begin applying in yourself or your team.

Thank you to Popsockets for sponsoring the Culture Track!


Expect discussion on all steps in the process of developing a positive startup culture. We’ll start with how to inspire others through vulnerability, explore choosing your company values and bringing them to life, progress to hiring and coaching for those values, and bring it home with creating psychological safety to unleash maximum performance for your team.

See a full listing of the Culture Track sessions

Who Should Attend

We are especially gearing this event towards entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial leaders. If you lead a team large or small (or aspire to someday), you will gain from these events.

3 comments on “Culture Track—What to expect for BSW 2018

  1. Are you still excepting applications for speakers for this event? And I have been doing vision and values with organizations for over a decade. Please let me know. Thanks, Marla riegel

    • Thank you so much for your interest! We love our outstanding startup community here in Boulder. Unfortunately we had a large number of speakers apply to be part of this track and our speakers have been chosen. We encourage you to reapply next year and hope to meet you in person at some of the events.


      The Culture Track Team

  2. Thank you for this track. As someone who applied to be part of it, I’d love feedback on the selection process and ways to improve application. Would someone be willing to discuss? Thank you!

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