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Fly-In Program

Now accepting applicants for Boulder Startup Week 2014!


Need help getting to Boulder Startup Week? We'll fly you!

Yep, you read that right. For the past four years, BSW and it's wonderful sponsors have flown a select few applications from all over the country to experience Boulder Startup Week. Last year, we were able to fly in 12 people (from: New York, San Francisco, Lansing, Fargo, Omaha, Boston, and more) to attend Boulder Startup Week. Interested in getting a flight to Boulder? Read on...

Who are we looking for?

People who want "jobs in tech" and would consider relocating to Boulder.

What is a "job in tech"?

As one of the biggest up and coming tech hubs in the country, Boulder has lots of jobs. These include jobs in: engineering, marketing, sales, engineering, QA, management, engineering, and more.

How to apply

Please fill this form out:

Many will apply, but we can't choose everyone. Those we can offer a free ticket to will get:

  •  A round trip plane ticket
  •  A free couch to crash on (if you'd like)